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Become a Kaizen Batter

This Video Has Transformed the Way Thousands of Players Approach Hitting

Hitting expert Tim Cooper shares a lifetime of knowledge in what might be the best instructional batting video ever created. The Kaizen Batter brings together both science and experience in the most powerful method to improve your hitting game. You may learn more from this short video than you would in an entire lifetime of trial and error at bat. 

A Repeatable Swing. A Better Batting Average. Confidence at the Plate. That's What You'll Get with the Kaizen Batter Instructional Batting Video

Start Improving Your Swing Today!

$50 (Regular Price $95)

  • The Kaizen Batter Video
    Unlimited access to an instructional batting video that covers the entire Kaizen Batter technique, step by step.
  • Six Mini Videos
    Additional video resources featuring Tim Cooper answering some of players' most common questions.
  • Competitive Edge Grid & Mini Grid Practice Worksheets
    Downloadable and printable resources that you can use during batting practice.
  • Individual Technique Videos
    The Kaizen Batter Method is not something you perfect overnight. These video segments enable you to easily re-watch certain sections without going through the entire video.

Here's a sneak peek inside the members-only Kaizen Batter Hitting Success Portal:

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Ryan Doumit
"The Kaizen Batter does a fantastic job of breaking down not only the approach, but also the mechanics it takes to be a consistent hitter. As a college coach it is something I have showed my team and will continue to show my team in the future.”
Minnesota Twins / Pittsburg Pirates
Jason Cooper
"I grew up learning the five-cycle template since I was ten years old. Place the Kaizen Batter video in your tool box. Build your own 'repeatable' swing. You will be glad you did."
Special Assignment Scout for the
World Champion Chicago Cubs
BJ Garbe
"The Kaizen Batting Video is awesome. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by it. Honestly, I'm blown away. Congrats Tim."
Minnesota Twins
First Round Draft Pick

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