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Ryan Doumit

"The Kaizen Batter does a fantastic job of breaking down not only the approach, but also the mechanics it takes to be a consistent hitter. As a college coach, it is something I have shown my team and will continue to show my teams in the future."

Ryan Doumit
Minnesota Twins / Pittsburg Pirates

"I grew up learning the five-cycle template since I was ten years old. Place the Kaizen Batter video in your tool box. Build your own 'repeatable' swing. You will be glad you did."

Jason Cooper
Special Assignment Scout/World Champion, Chicago Cubs

Jason Cooper
BJ Garbe

"The Kaizen Batting Video is awesome. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by it. Honestly, I'm blown away. Congrats, Tim!"

B.J. Garbe
Minnesota Twins / 1st Round Draft Pick

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