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Why become a
Kaizen Batter

Why adopt the KaizenBatter 5-Cycle Solution? We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe it is time to make professional level solutions to players starting as early as age 12. Parents and young players alike are seeking help that is not only effective but sustainable over time. It is never too late to begin the process of improvement.

Trust is the foundation here at Kaizen Batter. Our method is the proven solution to relieving stress and anxiety in a game. Hitting a baseball becomes fun again. Both parents and players will see and understand how the 5 major components of an effective swing attempt are connected. How to improve at every practice session that yields success in a game.

What does

The Japanese words Kai means to "take apart" and Zen means "to make good." Together, the word kaizen is a phrase that is synonymous with "continuous improvement" - a concept we live by every day.


Why Does the 5-Cycle Hitting Solution Work? We explore three areas of the swing that no other instructional aid does.

  • Kaizen Batter

    Swing Delay

    First, we prove that there is at least a 200-millisecond nervous system delay when executing a movement based on a visual signal and how to make that swing delay disappear in a game situation.

  • Kaizen Batter

    the Pitcher

    We provide instruction that displays both the batter and pitcher. No other video on the market does this. We teach how to “time” a well-pitched ball.

  • Kaizen Batter

    Connecting Major
    League Mechanics

    We combine the best mechanics from successful individual major league players that yields a repeatable swing that can be improved upon each and every day as the player grows in age.

We teach you how to hit the baseball and not just swing at it.

Kaizen Batter is simple but awesome. There is no reason to waste time looking elsewhere for batting solutions you can believe in. They are right here.

Becoming a Kaizen Batter


​It all starts with the core 15 minute training video. Tim Cooper takes the guesswork out of controlling the strike zone and consistently crushing baseballs. He continues the education with practical instruction videos emphasizing the kaizen principles of continuous process improvement.

I'm Tim Cooper, Developer of the Kaizen Batter Method

I've spent many years playing and studying baseball, exploring the physics of the game and interviewing experts in technique and execution. The result is the Kaizen Batter Method: the only instructional batting video on the market that demonstrates the pitcher and batter together on the same frame. Other videos never discuss the pitcher; they only teach you how to swing at the ball. Kaizen Batter's unique 5-cycle approach teaches you how to actually hit it!

Ready to Improve Your Swing?

Ryan Doumit
"The Kaizen Batter does a fantastic job of breaking down not only the approach, but also the mechanics it takes to be a consistent hitter. As a college coach it is something I have showed my team and will continue to show my team in the future.”
Minnesota Twins / Pittsburg Pirates
Jason Cooper
"I grew up learning the five-cycle template since I was ten years old. Place the Kaizen Batter video in your tool box. Build your own 'repeatable' swing. You will be glad you did."
Special Assignment Scout for the
World Champion Chicago Cubs
BJ Garbe
"The Kaizen Batting Video is awesome. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by it. Honestly, I'm blown away. Congrats Tim."
Minnesota Twins
First Round Draft Pick
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